How to chooce engagement ring

26 / 11 / 2016
Choosing a ring or just a diamond and making your own design? Everything is possible in Inbar Diamond Center

How to Choose an Engagement Ring

Choosing an engagement ring is an important life event. It is a piece of jewelry that most women attach special importance to.

The ring should be worn by your wife throughout her life, so it is important to be consistent in choosing it and not to underestimate anything. What should you be careful about and what you should not forget?

Make sure in advance how much money you want to invest in the ring. The price of the ring is influenced by the weight of the material used, the effort of the chosen design and, above all, the diamonds used. If you set the amount you want to move around right from the start, it will make your choice a lot easier.

It is very important to know the size of the partner's finger. If your future wearer wears a ring, borrow it or measure its inner diameter (however, it is important to know which finger your partner wears the ring on). If she doesn't wear the rings, talk to her friend to try "just" her ring, or try a similar feint :) See some tips in our article How to Choose the Ring Size Correctly?

Does your partner like classic jewelry, or does she prefer something more modern? Would she be delighted by a fine, tiny ring or more robust? Does she enjoy richly decorated jewelry or finds magic in simple jewelry? Does she prefer silver or gold? And if gold, so yellow, white, or pink? It is very important to know the answers to these questions and keep them in mind when choosing the engagement ring.

If you are not sure which ring would like it, there is a possibility to choose a diamond first and leave the choice of design or other details to it. This will surprise her, but you will avoid the possible inconvenience that would arise if the ring that enchanted her would not be excited.

There are many variations and types of rings. Here are 4 basic types you can meet:

Solitaire (single-arm or with side stones)

  • It is a classic engagement ring with a single stone, characterized by fine stepping.
  • Brilliant cut and princess (a relatively new type of cut with a large number of facets and high luminosity) are most often used, but tears or hearts are also very popular.
  • Solitaire is most often attached using cracks.

Side stone

  • Diamonds or other gems line the headstone and give it sparkle and color.
  • It has a simple or slightly more massive type of installation.
  • A popular type of brilliant attachment is the channel that keeps the stones flat and allows light to enter them in larger quantities.

Three stone

  • One diamond represents the past, the second present and the third future.
  • The middle stone is usually larger.


  • It is an atypical engagement ring with a large number of smaller stones.
  • It is characterized by a more massive and wider type of installation.
  • The central stone is usually larger and more pronounced.

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