Pearls in our jewelry

1 / 11 / 2019
You have noticed jewelry with pearls in our offer. Pearls are a wonderful addition that mankind has loved for thousands of years. They are (along with corals) only organic organic gems.

Freshwater (River) pearls

In our offer you could notice jewelry with pearls. Pearls are a wonderful addition that mankind has loved for thousands of years. Together with corals, it is the only organic gemstone.

The magic surrounding  pearls is very rich. Pearls are a symbol of love, but also wealth, grace and happiness. In Hindu culture they symbolize the moon and love. They are mentioned to protect the bride from widowing, to ensure  loyalty and a lasting  marriage.

If you believe in magic, pearls also have the power to capture karma and its laws or to strengthen love affairs. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that pearls foster marriage harmony and coherence. Can you think of a string of pearls between Psyche and Kupid?

Or the story of Venus, which was born of sea oysters just as pearls are born? Pearls are incredibly enchanting for their perfectly round shape and specific pearl reflections. In every woman they emphasize beauty, elegance and femininity.

Jewelry with pearls should be owned by every woman! It is a tradition to inherit pearl jewelry, as in the English royal family. Pearls are extremely valuable and pearl jewelry timeless. You can be sure that jewelry with pearls will never go out of fashion!

Inbar Diamond Center jewelry is decorated with freshwater pearls. And why freshwater pearls? Freshwater pearls are made of very strong crystalline mother-of-pearl that resists tooth of  time, manual work and wear. Their luster is specific, not a classic luster like pearls, but an elegant glow that catches the eye.

Freshwater pearls are formed mostly in pink / peach, white and lavender colors. The advantage of freshwater pearls is that they do not need to become discolored and their natural color will never fade if properly handled.

The shape of freshwater pearls is crucial. Most freshwater  pearls fail to create a perfectly round pearl, in most cases they create so-called baroque and semi-baroque pearls. Beautifully round freshwater pearls, which are the main target, make up only a small part of the harvest (only around 3%), and this fact indicates the price and excellence of such pearls.

Our jewelry is decorated with AAA pearls. What does it mean?

Such pearls represent 1% of the annual harvest,
They are round at first examination
They have excellent sharp shine with a high degree of reflection
The reflected light is relatively sharp
Defects (natural) on the surface of the pearl are less than 5%
Almost perfect fit;
little to no change in color, tone, gloss, shape or size.

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