Custom made jewelry

Would you like us to make jewelry exclusively for you? Exactly according to your ideas and wishes? At INBAR Diamond Center, we specialize in custom-made diamond jewelry, and always meet the most demanding requirements.

If you are looking for something unconventional that won't be found anywhere else, or if you want the original jewel you've been dreaming about, contact us. We make jewelry according to your design; we modify or rebuild any existing piece; we combine different designs and colors of gold – with us, there are no limitations. All provided quickly under careful, expert supervision.

Our mission is to fulfill any wish in making a unique jewel for you, something that will make you feel exceptional. We will be happy to advise in selecting the right diamond for you, and then create your jewel design together. Next, we hand over production to our private goldsmith, with whom we've been co-operating since we founded our business. Using the design and 3-D computer modelling, he will create your perfect, exclusive jewelry.

We guarantee you quality and satisfaction because we exclusively use our own loose stones with excellent parameters for color, cleanliness, quality of cut, gloss and symmetry. The size of the stone doesn't matter; even the smallest diamond will shine like a beacon.

Every client receives the same professional, personal service, including free advice without obligation.

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