Investments to diamonds

17 / 5 / 2018
Do you know where to save your wealth? Choose diamonds or precious stones! Increasingly popular trend. We will help you in Inbar Diamond Center

According to Diamonds International Corporation (DIC), the jewelry industry will have to address the diamond shortage after 2019. The price will increase with it. For jewelers, stone traders, as well as for clients and "users" of beautiful precious things. Logically, mining is declining, and the presence of all raw materials, as well as of minerals, is limited on the Earth.

Yet global demand for rough diamonds is increasing. In 2020, it is expected to be almost double that of 2009, reaching around USD 26 billion. Hand in hand with the interest in this raw material is changing the price, and it has increased over the past five years by 42 percent (expressed in terms of diamonds weighing 1.00 - 1.49 carats). For larger diamonds weighing 3.00 - 3.99 carats, on average even 51 percent.


More and more Czechs are interested not only in investment in precious stones, but also in investment diamond jewelry. The value increases not only because of the stone itself, but also the design or name of the designer influences the selling price. Investments in diamonds are a stable part of the investment portfolio and are characterized by low liquidity but possible high return. However, it is extremely practical to purchase diamonds with quality certificates.

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