INBAR Diamond Center

When you look into the heart of a diamond, it will stay in yours. This is its magic, recognised throughout the world. At Inbar, we have been caring about diamonds for more than 30 years.

About Inbar Diamond Center

Our mission is to fulfill any wish in making a unique jewel for you, something that will make you feel exceptional. We will be happy to advise in selecting the right diamond for you.

We guarantee you quality and satisfaction because we exclusively use our own loose stones with excellent parameters for color, cleanliness, quality of cut, gloss and symmetry. The size of the stone doesn't matter; even the smallest diamond will shine like a beacon.

The diamonds in our jewelry are complemented by 14kt or 18kt gold - in yellow, white or pink. You may choose from our own range of original designs or select a loose diamond and have it set in a piece of jewelry especially created to fit your own personality and taste. Custom production is provided by our private goldsmith, with whom we have been working since the inception of the company.

Every client receives the same professional, personal service, including free advice. Visit us in our showroom in the heart of Prague.


Showroom INBAR Diamond Center

Břehová 4, Praha 1

Phone: +420 222 313 435
Mobile: +420 601 369 480

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 10:00 - 18:00

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